About Us

Seoul-born designer Meg Kim established her namesake label in 2020 shortly after graduating from the Fashion Design Technology Menswear at London College of Fashion. Exploring concepts of fashion and craft and A key feature of her aesthetics is based on romantic masculinity with an expressive silhouette. Meg Kim balances the strength and romanticism with delicacy to deliver a timeless modern luxury to menswear. 

The collection presents a tension between fluid and structured pieces influenced from the childhood that comes from her dad who is a leather craftsman in South Korea and bringing with how sense of personal identity can be presented through garments. The combination of these elements has established a distinct signature to the brand, proposing an alternative silhouette to menswear as well as reimagining accessories and jewellery for men. 

The range takes inspiration from workwear, sportswear and classic menswear. Elements of these staple pieces are deconstructed and reimagined through a unique process and contemporary vision.